Waiting for the Presence

Waiting for the Presence

Spirituality of Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

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“There is a great deal of tourism today which goes by the name of pilgrimage. Very often, attitudes of tourism and pilgrimage are mixed. ..A real pilgrimage, as an act of devotion, has its origins in the inspiration of the Holy Spirit … [and is] a response to an invitation of the Spirit: ‘Be present to the Holy.’”

The book, the author concludes, is not really about the Holy Land and the places he visited; it is about Christ. “Would that, once again, we all had the simple faith of the pilgrims of the Middle Ages and walked our paths of life in the company of Christ. For Christ waits for us everywhere now. And if you have faith, if you wait on the Presence, you will experience the fullness of earthly life, and a foretaste of life everlasting.”

Publisher: Wipf & Stock

Year Published: 2018

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