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On the Cross of Rejection

Meditations—when your heart is pierced.


Rejection can hurt beyond any other state or emotion

Rejection is a part of the journey of faith. To be rejected by friends hurts—being rejected by family even more so. This rejection is a mystery that encompasses you when you choose to follow Jesus Christ. Like him, you will experience that strange feeling of rejection by God himself, when you too cry out, “Father, Father, why have you forsaken me?”

But as Catherine Doherty explains in this collection of meditations, if you want to follow Jesus, you must walk with him to a place where you will face the ultimate rejection: Christ occupied one side of the cross—you must be crucified on the other side. From its height, you will get a first glimpse of the land of love. For here, Love himself sets out on the supreme road of suffering. You will know that you must not blame anyone, and what is more, you must both bless them and pray for them, for maybe they knew not what they did.

Catherine knew rejection throughout her missionary life. Now, she shares meditations written in her poustinia and in the hustle of her life dedicated to the poor. Out of these experiences over many years came this book—which she fervently hoped would offer consolation to those experiencing the cross of rejection in their walks of faith.



“Our experience of being rejected by others is tied to Christ’s denial by his own, but through it we are invited to share in his glory. These simple, personal meditations will help us not only to stand at the door of these mysteries of life, but also to enter into their deepest meaning.” — Messenger Book Notices

“This poetic, moving, insightful work reflects a lifetime of prayer, work, suffering and above all, faith on the part of the author…. This book is designed to heal, help, and comfort religious and laity alike who are struggling in the face of loneliness and grief. From an authentically mystical perspective, the book encourages and inspires people to grow in trust and love for one another and God.” — The Society of St. Paul

“In this book Catherine Doherty shows how the resolution of these aspects of our experience is not possible without faith in God… This is a book which speaks to very real human anguishes and offers faith in God as the answer.” — Father Robert Wild


About the author Catherine Doherty

112 pages — 4.25” x 7” — Trade Paperback — Madonna House Publications, 2003 — ISBN 978-0-921440-91-8 — Originally part of Doubts, Loneliness, Rejection. Also availble in French.

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