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King of Sinners

King of Sinners

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Eddie Doherty's unique and personal account of the hidden life of the Holy Family extends the invitation to a more intimate relationship with them.

"Once upon a time, in a kingdom by the sea, the God who made all nations and all things came to earth as a newborn child...He lived and died among us." It's the theme of the most famous and most loved story the world has ever known─will ever know─the Life of Christ.

Mr. Doherty knows how to fashion an absorbing story─Christ and the people involved in His life and time are presented as real persons. This prayerfully imaginative account is punctuated with an abundance of Bible passages to give proper authority. The portrayals of Christ, His Blessed Mother, and St. Joseph are drawn with contagious enthusiasm and evident love: "Jesus as our hearts see Him...Mary and Joseph as though they were never strangers to us...Lucifer as imagination sees him..."

"Joseph watched, motionless, as Mary played with the Baby and adored Him. He saw her touch the perfect little hands...He knelt beside his wife and looked at her and the Infant she held against her bosom. This was God! This was the Almighty..and yet this was also a baby. Helpless, soft, dependent on his mother..'And on me too,' thought Joseph. 'On me, a sinner!'"

King of Sinners is a piece marked by smooth steady tempo, lively material, colorful vocabulary all adding up to sustained excitement and complete enjoyment for the reader who is certain to find new appeal in events and figures of age-old familiarity. Here is a Life of Christ to be read more for spiritual than intellectual rewards--a kind of "refresher" interlude for all earthly subjects of the King of sinners. 


About the author Eddie Doherty

561 pages.

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