Inflamed by Love
Inflamed by Love

Inflamed by Love

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After Catherine Doherty’s death in 1985, Jean Fox was elected director general of women in Madonna House. The letters she wrote to the members during those years, excerpts from which are presented here, are the fruit of her prayer and of decades internalizing and incarnating Catherine’s teachings. Filled with passionate faith and hope, they convey Catherine’s vision of Gospel life as the means of restoring our wounded world.

“Where is the real action?” she writes. “If you enter the depths of your heart and ponder God’s presence in you, you will be in the midst of the greatest activity known to humanity. You will be in the heart of the Trinity.”

Publisher: Madonna House Publications

Year Published: 2002

SKU: 9781897145913

ISBN: 978-1-897145-91-3

Pages: 228 pages

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