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International Editions of books by Catherine Doherty

International Editions of books by Catherine Doherty

Several of Catherine de Hueck Doherty’s books have been published world-wide and translated into many other languages. We have a limited number of these international non-English editions in stock—you can learn about the availability and order the titles below by calling our office in Canada — Telephone: 1-613-756-3728 — Fax: 1-613-756-0103.

(Titles are rendered as close as we could get to the original language using the default Western character set, and the English equivalent book titles are shown in brackets.)



Donkey Bells — $8.95 U.S.

The Gospel Without Compromise — $8.95 U.S.

Poustinia — $8.95 U.S.


Ceská Czech

Pustina (Poustinia) — $8.95 U.S.



Click here for a listing of Catherine Doherty’s English publications.


Français French

Nos publications françaises sont listés sur cette page.


Italiano Italian

Not Without Parables — $8.95 U.S.

Pustinia (Poustinia) — $8.95 U.S.

Viaggio interiore (Journey Inward) — $8.95 U.S.



Poustinia — $20.00 U.S.



Dear Father — $8.95 U.S.

The Gospel Without Compromise — $8.95 U.S.

Poustinia — $8.95 U.S.


Lietuvos Lithuanian

The Gospel Without Compromise — $8.95 U.S.

Pustyne (Poustinia) — $8.95 U.S.


Polski Polish

Dusza mojej duszy (Soul of My Soul) — $8.95 U.S.

Ewangelia bez kompromisu (Gospel Without Compromise) — $8.95 U.S.

Fragmenty mojego zycia (Fragments of My Life) — $8.95 U.S.

O potedze milosci by Father Émile Brière (The Power of Love) — $8.95 U.S.

Pustynia (Poustinia — Carmelite Edition) — $12.00 U.S.

Slowa z pustyni by Father Robert Wild (Word From Poustinia) — $8.95 U.S.


Português Portuguese

Alma da Minha (Soul of My Soul) — $8.95 U.S.

Apresento-Lhes a Baronesa by Father Héber Salvador de Lima — $8.95 U.S.

Deserto Vivo: Poustinia (Poustinia) — $12.95 U.S.

Moments of Grace Calendar — $12.95 U.S.

Stations of the Cross — $1.00 U.S.



Bogoroditza — $8.95 U.S.

Dear Father — $8.95 U.S.

Donkey Bells — $8.95 U.S.

Fragments of My Life — $8.00 U.S.

Holy Week Talks — $4.00 U.S.

Nuggets — $4.00 U.S.

On the Cross of Rejection — $5.00 U.S.

Пустыня (Poustinia) — $8.95 U.S.

Soul of My Soul — $8.95 U.S.

Stations of the Cross — $1.00 U.S.


Español Spanish

Evangelio sin componendas (The Gospel Without Compromise) — $8.95 U.S.


українська мова Ukranian

Marriage by Archbishop Joseph Raya — $8.95 U.S.


Tiếng Việt Vietnamese

Martin: Hope for the Hopeless by Eddie Doherty — $8.95 U.S.

Splendour of Sorrow by Eddie Doherty — $8.95 U.S.


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