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Madonna House as a Divine Milieu: An Introduction for Visiting Guests

Madonna House, a community of laymen, women and priests, offers an experience of living in a Catholic culture; here Fr. Wild (a member since 1971) emphasizes this one aspect of the community's apostolate: as a temporary place of formation. Written particularly for guests who come to participate in the community's life, Madonna House as a Divine Milieu enables a fuller understanding of what is offered.


A temporary place of formation

From the introduction:

I am writing this book for our guests who may come to participate in our way of life for whatever length of time. I have in mind especially the young people, but I believe it will be helpful for visitors of all ages. My emphasis will be on Madonna House as a temporary place of formation. (My reflections will apply, of course, to those who may choose Madonna House as their vocation.) The book, therefore, has a limited focus and is not an attempt to articulate the fullness of our Madonna House apostolate or spirituality. I wish to emphasize the aspects of our community life in Combermere which our guests will experience.

Topics covered

  • Catherine
  • The Trinity
  • Sacred Order
  • Sacred Time: the Liturgy
  • Christ—Healing/Salvation
  • Nazareth
  • The Milieu of Silence
  • "Disciple" Comes from "Discipline"
  • "Listening to Them and Asking Them Questions"


About the author Fr. Robert Wild

154 pages — Trade Paperback, 5.5″ x 8.25″ — Madonna House Publications, 2015 — ISBN 978-1-897145-83-2


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