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Gall and Honey: The Story of a Newspaperman

Gall and Honey: The Story of a Newspaperman

Read why Eddie Doherty—a competitive professional, passionate lover, cosmopolitan traveller, enjoyer of the good things in life—left the Church in fury and pain; but returned later in tears of joy.


Eddie Doherty Travelling the First Fork in His Life’s Road:
The Bittersweet Fare of Living

Eddie Doherty had it all—money, fame, women, power. He lived hard and fast as a newspaper reporter, pursued the most exciting events of the world. Writing for newspapers like the Chicago Tribune, Chicago American, New York News, New York American, Liberty Magazine, and Chicago Sun (later Sun-Times), he was headlined as “America’s Star Reporter,” and billboards bragged that he was “America’s Highest Paid Reporter.”

Eddie’s picturesque life soon felt the sting of utter tragedy, when his wife—and mother of his then 18 month-old son—died a horrible flu epidemic. Marie’s death was a bitter loss, and it turned him against the Church, against God.

Soon, he met, wooed, and married the beautiful writer Mildred Frisby, who bore his second son. Eddie quipped, punned, laughed, and typed his way through a life that was often exciting, but sometimes hellish—his second son contracted polio, and Mildred was dogged with chronic back pain for most of her life. But when Eddie took Mildred to an oesteopathic doctor who cured her life-long pain, they considered it a miracle—and, their sons grown, they decided to take a second honeymoon. The future looked bright…

…until disaster struck again. Wandering alone in sheer delight on a country hillside, Mildred had a fall—and when a search party finally found her, she was dead. “I began to sob,” Eddie wrote, “Every sob was a tremendous blow to the pit of my stomach. Nothing had ever hurt me so much in all my life. Nothing has ever hurt me so much since then.”

This time, in the midst of his grief, he found peace in returning, finally, to the Catholic Church in tears of joy—and his life would never be the same again.

The editor of Liberty Magazine asked Eddie to write his autobiography as a ten-part serial, entitled, simply, ‘Newspaperman.’ It is this serial that forms the foundation of Gall and Honey: The Story of a Newspaperman.


About the author Eddie Doherty

310 pages — Trade Paperback, 5″ x 8″ — 2nd ed., Madonna House Publications, 1989 — ISBN 978-0-921440-13-8


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