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Bogoroditza: She Who Gave Birth To God

Draws a portrait of the Mother of God that makes her unselfish service to the Trinity, simplicity, integrity, silence and fidelity appealing to all. We are led to Mary's essential "school of love."

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Gently, slowly, Mary walks with you through the whole life of her Son—leading you into her school of love.

In Bogoroditza, “She who gave birth to God,” we have a mother who is always with us, caring for us, always revealing her son.

Catherine shows us how to walk with Mary, gently and slowly, through the life of her Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are led to Mary’s essential “school of love,” where we will learn how to restore this world to God—and that this restoration lies not in what you do, but in what you are.

Here, Catherine asks us all to “Go to the woman who gave bith to perfect love that casts out fear. Go to the Mother of God, the beloved of the Trinity, the mother of all men and women, the queen of sorrows and of martyrs. Go to find Our Lady of joy. ‘I live not, Christ lives in me,” and because of it I know perfect joy.”

Though more than two dozen books have been published from Catherine Doherty’s writings, this book reveals for the first time her hidden, most intimate relationship with the Mother of God, “the woman clothed with silence.”



“A remarkable, reader-friendly book about the Blessed Mother as a continuing presence in the lives of every Christian. Twelve chapters compiled from collected writings, some of them establishing the cultural (Russian) background of the author’s Marian devotion, but most of them re-examining how people can experience Mary today. Accented with the author’s rich and original Marian prayers.” — Crux: Resources

“This book presents Mary as the model of love sought by all, one who can truly liberate us from selfishly doing our own thing…. Catherine draws a portrait of Mary that makes her unselfish service to the Trinity, her simplicity, integrity, silence and fidelity appealing to all. For Catherine, Mary’s name is ‘‘the secret of our hope in hopelessness.’” — Prairie Messenger


About the author Catherine Doherty

166 pages — Trade Paperback, 5.5″ x 8.25″ — Madonna House Publications, 1998 — ISBN 978-0-921440-48-2 Also available in French.

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