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Madonna House Wall Calendar

  • $1595

2023 Edition: Beauty And The Bees

Wall Calendar including Sundays, Feast Days and Memorials for Canada and the US


The first beekeeper in Madonna House was none other than Catherine—“the B”—who ordered bee hives a year after her arrival in Combermere in 1947. Thus 2023 marks our 75th anniversary of Madonna House’s apiculture!

We dedicate our 2023 calendar to Bees and the world of Beauty around them. We hope you enjoy the beauty and this glimpse into the fascinating world of these “supreme” creatures of God.

“How lavish of his love is this God of ours! What a Spendthrift of love is he! For he fashioned many other beautiful insects to go with flowers that take their very life span from them as well as their life food! But amongst them the bee…the virgin-bee reigns supreme.”

- Catherine Doherty


11″ x 17″ when open — 13 pages


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