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A Long Way from Welcome: A Mystery in Paris

A Long Way from Welcome: A Mystery in Paris

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Small-town Maggie McGilligan and city-born-and-raised Jean-Louis Gagnon team up in Paris, France to match wits with phantom criminals they've never met—or have they?


A book for middle-grade readers who enjoy mysteries

They come from two different worlds, but small-town Maggie McGilligan and city-born-and-raised Jean-Louis Gagnon team up to match wits with phantom criminals they’ve never met—or have they?

Maggie, “exiled” to Paris for the summer of her fourteenth birthday, and Jean-Louis, painfully estranged from the father to whom he was once so close, encounter danger and excitement, heartache and joy in the streets of the famous "city of light."

In the course of chasing clues and tracking down suspects, Maggie and Jean-Louis also grow to understand themselves, each other and their families better than they ever had before.

Mystery at Midnight!

Too late, Maggie realized she was heading straight into a part of the city she had never seen before. There was no way she could correct her error. The museum guard plodded noisily after her.

She tore around the nearest corner, raced down the block, turned right, and kept running. She ran alongside the Seine until she saw a bridge. Without a second’s hesitation, she raced across it, bouncing off a group of startled merrymakers. On the other side, Maggie fought down the panic welling up in her throat. Where was she? A quick look back told her the guard was only a block behind, still pounding after her.

A place to hide—that’s what she needed. She rounded another corner, and spotted the iron gratings of closed shops and a painted Boulangerie sign above a blank window. She had instinctively taken a route that had circled toward home! She had to find a place to hide fast, before dead-ending herself in her own backyard. Intent more than ever on searching for a refuge, Maggie didn’t see the little old lady until she crashed into her cart…

Cities scare Maggie McGilligan, so does change. And yet, unbelievably, she finds herself no only in the midst of great change as her widowed mother remarries, but also spending her summer vacation in Paris, France instead of in her beloved town of Welcome, Indiana. New friends, new adventures and new answers to mysterious happenings in both Welcome and Paris unfold for Maggie as she catches the rhythm of life happening… a long way from Welcome.

 About the author Echo Lewis

Trade Paperback  192 pages — Trade Paperback, 5.5″ x 8.25″ — Bethlehem Books, 2002 — ISBN 1-883937-64-7


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