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Fragments of My Life: A Memoir (AudioBook)

Fragments of My Life: A Memoir (AudioBook)

A journey into Catherine's life, disclosing the mysteries of world events that shaped her; the mysteries of her leadership and her marriage; and, most of all, the mysteries of God's love. 

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Catherine Doherty’s enthralling and inspiring personal autobiography!

Intensely personal experiences forged Catherine Doherty’s heart and spirit—as a child living in exotic places, as a youth caught up in the Russian Revolution, as a young woman struggling as a refugee in foreign lands.

Catherine can be said to have ‘done it all’ but, unlike many, she ‘did it all’ for Christ and in some of the most unlikely places—and ways! How, why and where she did it are breathtakingly revealed in Fragments of My Life. The pace of her life never lets up.

The reader meets a woman of joy, humor, suffering and sheer exuberance, who shares, in a conversational and very personal way, her painful, growing experiences as a disciple who attempts to live the Gospel.

Fragments of My Life is really a love story—the story of young love, mature love; love of God and people, person by person. The telling is itself an act of love, uttered in trust, but not without risk. Catherine Doherty emerges from these pages as a woman to contend with, a heroic Christian example for our times.


AudioBook read by Helen Porthouse

Read by Helen Porthouse, a long-time member of the Madonna House Apostolate, and she brings with her a truly personal experience of Catherine’s life and works. Her background in drama and deep love for audiobooks shines through in this touching and inspirational reading of Catherine’s memoirs—Helen brings a sense of wonder and excitement to Catherine’s life which will draw listeners onward from the first few paragraphs.



“This autobiography has a special, divinely-touched richness. It reads like an adventure novel. If this were nothing but a work of pure fiction, it would still be extremely intriguing. But because it’s all true, it goes beyond intriguing to become enthralling and inspiring.” — Br. Larry Holley, O.S.B., The Pecos Benedictine

“This is no dull, date-filled biography, but a deeply personal sharing of the experiences of her life. The book shines with her vision of uncompromising commitment to the Gospel. If you have time to read no other book, read this one.” — Sign Magazine

“This volume holds many surprises. A clear picture emerges of the strength of character, the intelligence and faith of this remarkable woman. A rich primary source about Russian revolutionary history and American Catholic Church history… for any Christian reader. Catherine’s utter dedication, prayerfulness, and loving, warm humanity serve as a bright, steady beacon for us all in an age of confusion and faltering faith.” — Sr. Mary Grace Swift, O.S.U., Review for Religious

“Catherine gives glimpses of her painful, growing experiences as a disciple who attempts to live the Gospel. A magnificent testament of God’s leading in the life of one willing follower.”— Provident Book Finder

“Catherine lived through some of the more tumultuous moments of the 20th century…. The pace of her life seems never to have let up. As gripping as the facts of Catherine’s life are, her real story lies in the realm of the spirit. Her writing is conversational, very personal.” — New Covenant

“This book reminds one of Dostoevsky-like drama. It is hard to believe that all these adventures happened to only one person…” — This Week

“According to any standard, the author of Fragments of My Life is a most remarkable woman. It requires a great act of trust and love to share a personal, intimate life with millions of people. Fragments of My Life is, in a sense, one of the profounder acts of love of a life already so obviously loving.” — Spiritual Book News

“Catherine writes from the heart—with a wealth of anecdote based on personal experience—to relate spiritual values to earthly realities. She never bores…” — Fr. A. Foy, C.SS.R., Redemptorist Publications

“These memoirs constantly reveal surprises in the character of this practical mystic. Agony and ecstasy are shared with brutal honesty.” — Best Sellers Review


4 CDs (compact discs), 5 hrs. 30 mins — Extended abridgement — Madonna House Publications, 2000 — ISBN 978-0-921440-99-4

MP3 audio files, 5 hrs. 30 mins — Extended abridgement — Madonna House Publications, 2000 — ISBN 978-0-921440-99-4 — (Please note: after payment, you will receive an e-mail with a download link for a large .zip file containing the AudioBook in .mp3 file format. We are unable to offer technical support for the use of AudioBooks, so please be sure you know how to use the files before purchasing.) DRM-free.


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