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Our Mother's Lullabies

Our Mother's Lullabies

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Traditional Lullabies from all ages for all ages.


Lullabies performed by Marie Thérèse McLaughlin

A lullaby is a soothing, rhythmic song meant to calm and ease a baby to sleep. It always simply expresses the mother’s love for her baby—a bridge of concern, protection, tenderness and nurture. To me, the lullaby is a form of sacred music. It finds its origin in love, who is God, flowing through the voice and body of the mother to her baby.

Traditionally, lullabies have been part of the folkways of all cultures, passed down via oral usage for centuries. Written records of lullabies date back to the thirteenth century. I would like to acknowledge specifically the contributions of Barbara Cass-Beggs (1904-1990), a collector of lullabies worldwide who resided in Canada for most of her life. Her love for this simple form of music and for children inspired her to start the program called “Listen, Like, Learn”. It provides training in pitch and rhythm for parents with their babies. She has been a limitless source of information and motivation for me.

Our Mother’s Lullabies span three eras. The Brahms lullabies are easily dated to the mid-nineteenth century. The Acadian & Iroquois lullabies could date as far back as the seventeenth century. The Celtic lullabies from Ireland, Scotland, Wales & Brittany are the oldest. No actual dates can be cited, but owing to imagery used and rhythm, it is probable some of these were composed as far back as the eighth century.

It is my hope that Our Mother’s Lullabies will be a conduit of peace for infants and adults alike. Mary, the Mother of God, has been my constant companion on this journey. As our foundress, Catherine Doherty once wrote of her, “Perhaps she knows best how to sing lullabies. Maybe lullabies are a consolation, I don’t know. But whatever it is, let us sing her lullabies to the world.”

May all listeners of this CD find rest, healing and peace…and sleep too!

– Marie Thérèse McLaughlin

1 Compact Disc (CD) — Andrew Woollard Productions, 2009


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